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HR Management

Compliance with HR (human resource) documentation is a critical function of every agency.  CHAP, DPH, CMS and MassHealth all have various regulations that should shape your agency processes.  Homecare GPS helps you get on track with the HR processes, helping you to be compliant when audited.  It helps you to know where you are at with each employee’s HR documentation, and manage what is needed. It helps you stay on top of expiring documents, and uses on-line tools for communication and in-service completion.

Employee Profile

  • Comprehensive profile. Captures relevant employee data including contact info, hire and status info, and custom tags for simplified communications.  May also use for candidate tracking.

HR Document Requirements

  • Compliance-focused automated requirements checklist.  Generates a list by discipline of HR documents required for compliance as determined by various regulatory authorities.
  • Automatically generates. When you update an employee’s requirements after a change in status, the list of documents needed for that status and discipline will automatically be applied to that employee’s record.
  • Comprehensive reporting views. View reports either by employee when working on a single file, or by all employees when overseeing key functions like which documents are about to expire, or which are pending verification.
  • Expiring Documents List. Use reporting tool to filter by documents that will soon expire, or have expired, so you can stay on top of expiring documents.
  • Color coded compliance status. Color coding of compliance verification status allows you to quickly identify which items are not yet completed or not verified as compliant.
  • E-forms. Incorporates an electronic version of most HR documents. Using this paperless approach, employees may complete and sign the e-forms on the Dashboard, and it will automatically file into their e-binder once reviewed and approved by HR.
  • Self-service forms. Includes basic, self-serve forms such as reimbursement requests, PTO requests or time sheets.
  • Built-in communications tools. Option to send email or SMS reminder messages for employees to complete outstanding items you request.


  • Built-in In-Services. Staff can complete assigned in-services in Homecare GPS from the convenience of their home. Each In-service is complete with reading material, a timed test and a printable certificate.
  • In-Service library with customization. There are several in-services to select from to assign to discipline profiles, including the annual mandatory topics and specialized topics, or you may create your own in-services.
  • Create custom In-Services. You may also create custom in-services.

Automated Verification

  • OIG Exclusions Registry verification. Automated monthly checks of active employees against the OIG Exclusions list on a monthly basis, fulfilling this monthly CMS requirement. Identifies possible matches for further investigation and documents each verification for your files.
  • SAM Registry verification. Automated monthly checks of active employees against the SAM registry, identifying possible matches for further investigation.
  • Electronic Document Binder. Includes an electronic HR document repository for each employee. This paperless option allows for quick view and accessibility of important documents.


  • Payroll Production. Payroll processing simplifies the complexity of calculating proper staff payment. Uses the visits generated from the system or imported from your EMR to process for payroll. Calculates proper overtime, mileage, PTO accrual, holiday pay, reimbursements, administrative pay, and meetings, among others. Generates a payroll batch report to export to your Payroll Company.