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Save Time and Money with Homecare GPS Daily Eligibility Checks.

  • Daily automated eligibility checks. Automatically checks active MassHealth patients daily, in accordance with regulations.
  • Highlights eligibility issues. Prevent income loss from uncovered services when patients have no coverage or are with a non-contracted carrier.
  • Identifies patient data changes. Identifies differences in patient name and Medicare ID# so you can maintain accurate patient records.
  • Documented eligibility history. Retains a history of patient eligibility results.
  • Notifications. Get alerts and reports on your smart phone using HomecareGPS Mobile App

Get Started in 3 Easy Steps

Step 1: Send us patient data

Send us a list of your patients. We only need first and last names, gender, date of birth and their MassHealth ID. Optionally, indicate the current payer for each patient so you can see when they have a different plan. We accept data from various EMRs.

Step 2: Set up and Quick Training

We will set you up and provide training on how to access reports, add users and keep patient roster up to date.

Step 3: Start Receiving Daily alerts and reports

Receive your daily alerts and reports. You can use a browser to view results, or download HomecareGPS Mobile App to view summary results. You can set up as many authorized users and you want.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does it identify who has no coverage?

A: Yes, it will highlight who has No Coverage. No Coverage means a member no longer has MassHealth coverage, or they are covered by a payer or plan you are not contracted with.

Q: Does it identify when there is a plan change?

A: If you populate the “Default Payer” field with the payer you are currently billing, then it will be able to compare their current plan on record and let you know if there is a difference.

Q: What reports are available?

A: The daily report includes status for each member. Patients are grouped as follows:

  • Patients with Valid MassHealth (plans that cover home health)
  • Patients with Limited MassHealth (plans that don’t cover home health)
  • Patients with contracted MCOS (Agency can bill)
  • Patients with non-contracted MCOs (Agency cannot bill)
  • Patients without Coverage
  • Patient with a different plan from the current one.
Q: Does GPS check eligibility for MCOs?

A:Yes. Since MCOs are contracted by MassHealth, eligibility in MassHealth will indicate the specific MCO the patient has and their status

Q: Does GPS check eligibility for Medicare Patients?

A:Yes, if a member is dual eligible. Eligibility results will show that member has Medicare, but does not have common working file details.

Q: Does GPS identify Demographic discrepancies?

Yes. Homecare GPS will compare patient name, MassHealth and Medicare number with what you provide and highlight the differences.

Q: How much does it cost?

A: Pricing is by patient per month with a small set up fee. There are no limits to how many users can access the results and alerts.

Q: Are there contracts?

A:Contracts are on a month to month basis.