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Our Story

Established nearly 10 years ago, Homecare GPS was developed from having first hand experience in operating a home health agency.  Its beginnings were in the area of HR compliance, having not found any software that met the comprehensive yet very important needs of managing the many moving pieces in employee on-boarding and management.   As the demands of managing an HHA efficiently grew and having gone through the fires of regulatory scrutiny, the needs soon outgrew the existing software offerings.  As a result, Homecare GPS has expanded its functionality to deliver value and efficiency in nearly every area of Home Health Agency operations, and continues to expand to this day.

Our Team

Our team consists of experienced and driven individuals with a focus on growth, the creation of value and helping our clients succeed.  Our experience runs deep and wide in the operational areas of home health care, billing, finance, programming, data analysis and change management.  If there is one constant in the home health industry, it is change.  You need a team who is willing to be a change agent, and so help your agency remain compliant, efficient and profitable.

Our Clients

Our clients are Massachusetts agencies who want to remain in business for the long run, and so are seeking ways to streamline their operations towards compliance, manage their resources, and gain value out of our partnership.  They are large and small, and are certified and non-certified.  We want all of our clients to succeed, and we help them towards that goal as much as we are able.

Giving Back

We believe in the power of community and that helping to build up the community benefits everybody.  So each one of us does our part.  Each year we strive to make individual contributions to the community organizations of our choice, contributing time, talent and financially to local community needs.