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Clinical Management

Our Clinical Management module provides an electronic patient care coordination and documentation solution. Home health aides have convenient options for visit note completion, including EVV (electronic visit verification) options.  There is a non-certified version of the Clinical Management module that performs as a complete electronic medical record solution and contains features and forms specifically for GAC, AFC and others.

Patient Profile

  • Comprehensive patient profile. Captures relevant patient data including contacts, insurances, MDs, medications, special clinical tags for reporting/planning, facilities, hospitalizations and service holds.
  • Referral Tracking. Track and manage patient referrals.
  • Episode Tracker.  Each episode is created with payer-specific information for billing and compliance needs.
  • Message Log. Track and share patient care related messages for internal care coordination, including task assignments and tracking.
  • Medicine Tracking. Tracks the medications, allergies and Med Admin logs.

Schedule Calendar

  • Schedule Calendar.  Schedule an episode’s patient care and documents or tasks.  View each patient’s schedule by month or by episode.
  • Color coded task status. The calendar uses color coding to provide a quick visual indicator of outstanding tasks, flagging issues at a glance.
  • Flexible.  The calendar easily accommodates changes in assigned staff or visit duration.
  • Task Assignments. Tasks are assigned, and will pull the latest task document or care plan for completion.

Clinical Documents

  • E-forms. Our e-form library contains standard templates designed specifically for GAF, AFC, VNA and other agency type of patient care. Custom forms can be developed.
  • HHA Care Plans.  HHA Care plans are created unique to each patient’s needs, so visit notes are consistently compliant.
  • IVR (Interactive Voice Recognition) System.  Our IVR (Interactive Voice Recognition) System allows HHA’s to use text and phone to clock in, clock out and complete visit notes so visit notes can be completed in a timely manner right from the patient’s home.  It works with either a simple or a smart phone.
  • Web app. Visit notes and documents can be easily completed by accessing our Web App from a smart phone or tablet.
  • EVV (Electronic Visit Verification).  Simple EVV solutions are available using our Web App with any GPS-enabled smart phone or tablet to grab location data when clocking in and clocking out, or by using our IVR system using the patient’s phone. Two easy, simple options.
  • MDS upload automation.  Specifically for GAFC agencies, you can create an electronic file of the completed MDS form to upload to Harmony, eliminating clerical errors and extensive data entry time.