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What is Homecare GPS?

Homecare GPS is a secure, cloud-based integrated home health management system designed to optimize your agency’s compliance, efficiency and profitability.  Suitable for any Home Health Agency, it is a flexible, easy to use and intuitive system designed with the beginning and the end in mind.  What sets Homecare GPS apart is the care and attention give to back office operations.  We take a holistic approach, focusing not only on simplifying the front end clinical documentation, but also bringing great consideration and efficiencies to the back-end administrative aspects of managing your Agency.  The end result – controls and validation that will make the areas of HR compliance, eligibility, billing, payroll and clinical note capture a well oiled machine in a single integrated system.

Recognizing that different types of home health agencies have different operational needs, we offer versions of the software designed for certified agencies and non-certified agencies, which include GAFC, AFC, ASAPS and Private Pay agencies.